June 2, 2008

Tips & Tricks - Freeze It!

  • Always use freezer bags to store food in the freezer as they will prevent "freezer burn" which is when the food is damaged by ice crystals due to air reaching the food and give it an unpleasant flavour.
  • If you're like me and hate eating over-ripe bananas but haven't got time to make Banana Bread, then don't bin them - freeze them! Simply pop them unpeeled into a freezer bag and freeze for up to 6 months. The skins will go brown/black but don't worry. When you want to use them for Banana Bread/Muffins (see my yummy recipe!) then defrost at room temperature, snip the top off and squeeze out the fruit like a tube of toothpaste!
  • Are you put off from buying fresh root ginger because it always seem to go off before you've used it up? Well you can freeze the whole root and then just use a grater to get the amount you need - no need to thaw it first!
  • You can freeze egg whites, ideally in an ice cube tray to keep them separate.


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