February 3, 2009

Food of San Francisco

Here's a compilation of some of the great food Steve and I got to eat during our 3 month stay in San Francisco...

The Cheesecake Factory @ Macy's, Union Square:

Apple CcakeLUNCH: Chocolate Oreo Mudslide Cheesecake and Dutch Apple Caramel Cheesecake, washed down with iced cafe mochas. Trust me, this is more than enough just for lunch!


DINNER: Grilled Skirt Steak, which came with the most delicious Mashed Potatoes and Sweetcorn Succotash (I have blogged my interpretation).


Chevys on Van Ness Avenue:

DSC03449This is Steve’s Steak Fajita Burrito which I called Fajito Burrita by mistake, as I'd had more than a sip of alcohol so I was on the verge of being tipsy and then I got the major giggles! Not very authentic food but it sheltered us on a rainy day and was good for beer and free warm corn chips.

Dreyers Ice Cream @ Pier 39 Fisherman’s Wharf:

Ice creamA chocolate waffle cone with a scoop of Dulce De Leche ice cream and a scoop of Double Fudge Brownie ice cream. Luckily we only got one cone to share as it was massive!

Crab House @ Pier 39 Fisherman’s Wharf:

M_Wharf_CrabAnti-vampire food: 3 lbs of Killer Dungeness Crabs in garlic sauce and garlic fries. One of our most expensive meals out, but really worth it as the food was really delicious and because these crabs are huge you get huge chunks of meat, even inside the legs.

Frjtz on Hayes Street:

Frjtz-6Frjtz is a good place for a cheap and filling meal as it serves Belgian fries, crepes and sandwiches. We ordered 2 large fries ($10 each) and with that you get to choose 2 dips each, so Steve picked the Thai Chili Ketchup and the Red Pepper Mayo and I picked the Chipotle Remoulade (Chipotle is dried Jalepenos and remoulade is like mayo) and Ponzu Ketchup (I had no idea what Ponzu is but it sounded good!).

Mel’s Drive-In on Van Ness Avenue:
Mel's DinerCheesy place that does excellent milkshakes and pies. The milkshakes were really thick and they give you the can they make it in, which has the remainder that they can't fit into the glass so you really get your money's worth.
Popcorn @ City Hall Farmers Market:

Market-PopcornThe market is on every Wed and Sun and basically you can buy all sorts of fruit and vegetables, seafood, nuts and dried fruit, honey and eggs for extremely cheap prices. But definitely go there for the freshly made popcorn, it’s the best we’ve ever eaten!

Belly Dogs in Golden Gate Park:

Hot dogI’d never really been a huge fan of hotdogs, but that is until we discovered Belly Dogs! I played safe and opted for an All Beef and Steve took a gamble on the Louisiana Hot Link, which was damn hot! Golden Gate Park was one of my favourite places in San Francisco and these hot dogs are part of the reason why!

Pizza from ‘Milan Pizza’ on Geary Street:

Pizza This place was just around the corner from our hotel and we wished we’d discovered it sooner. We ordered the $23.99 Super Deal from here twice as the food is so good at an amazing price. For that price you get a large 16" pizza, 10 buffalo wings and a 2-liter soda. This pizza was so amazing that we made a special effort to order it from a payphone when we moved from our hotel to an apartment further away from the pizza place.

Noodles @ ‘On The Bridge’ restaurant in Japantown

NoodlesOn The Bridge is a teeny L-shaped restaurant and appropriately named because it is on a bridge walkway between two Japantown shopping centres. This was a cool place with 3 TV's on with different Miyazaki films playing: Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service and Spirited Away. We ordered Yaki Udon which was delicious, even though the seaweed on top looks like a huge spider!

Heinz Baked Beans:

bangers mash beans After a few weeks living in San Francisco we were craving a taste from home so I decided to cook Bangers and Mash, as we bought some amazing Italian sausages from Safeway, but we knew it wouldn’t be the same without Heinz Baked Beans. So we found a shop that sells imported British food you say tomato and bought some beans and a bottle of Heinz Salad Cream. They also sell chocolate bars, Ribena, Aunt Bessies Yorkshire puddings and custard but it's pretty expensive in there. The beans were nearly $2 for a can but they were really worth it!


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