June 29, 2009

BBQ in the rain!

Steve BBQ

Here’s Steve doing a superb job of cooking us dinner on our portable BBQ, which we got from Firebox. It’s really cool because it folds really flat and comes in a carrying bag. They don’t sell this model anymore, but they have a new one which looks just as good: Portable BBQ Grill.

We put it on top of the big BBQ so that it was at a perfect height for cooking. There was only 4 of us, so it wasn’t worth cleaning up the big BBQ and the portable one was really good. This is only the second time we’ve used it, the last time was in West Wittering, when it also rained! Maybe it’s jinxed?

Unfortunately it did start to rain, but we persevered and just got the brolly out and then the rain stopped and we had a lovely meal outside in the Breeze House.


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