June 25, 2009

Grow your own Strawberries 2009

The photo below was taken 1 June:


We bought the strawberry plants last year and the fruits weren’t very nice! But I read that you shouldn’t grow fruits in the first year, you should just concentrate growing the leaves.


We did peg down the runners from last year into the lower parts of this pot, so we’ve got quite a few strawberries growing this year. I should have fed them with tomato feed once it had started flowering, but I was a bit late and most of the fruits had already developed! But I’ve fed them once and I’ll need to do it every 10 days.






The photo below was taken 13 June:

Strawbs 13 June

We had 1 strawberry that was going red, so I put my little net over the pot to protect it from the birds. But as it was hanging down something took it off the plant (I suspect a pesky squirrel) and just left it on the ground half eaten! If they’re going to take my fruit they could at least it eat! But more are starting to turn red and fingers crossed they will be sweet this year!


The photo below was taken 25 June:

Strawbs 25 June on pot

Well we lost a few more strawberries to something having a nibble, so we put the strawberry planter on top of another pot turned upside down. It worked and I’ve been able to pick all the ripe strawberries without them being full of holes! Steve’s Mum did see a small black bird trying to eat them, but instead of sitting on the planter, he was on the floor and jumping up and down trying to peck the fruit! I think the word she used for the bird was ‘retarded’!


I have been picking them when they’re practically all red and then leaving them on a sunny windowsill to finish off ripening. To be honest they’re not very sweet, so I’ve been using them in smoothies!


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