June 18, 2009

Meeting Ken Hom!

Ken Hom

Yesterday I went to a Press Event that Steve’s sister couldn’t attend as she’s on holiday. It was a really cool event as Ken Hom was there doing a cooking demonstration and we all got to taste the food he made, which was amazing! He made 2 dishes: Turkey & Red Pepper, and Prawns & Peas, and he prepared everything himself and even washed up the wok! He wanted to prove that you really can prepare and cook tasty, healthy meals very quickly – he did these 2 dishes in 20 minutes!

He was promoting his new Nutriwok Kit, which includes a non-stick wok, a healthy eating recipe book and DVD. The PR girls from Publicasity were absolutely lovely and really looked after me as they gave me the opportunity to meet Ken Hom and get my recipe book signed! The recipe book looks really good and easy to follow, so I shall be using it quite a lot I think!

I got to see lots of cool new kitchen products/gadgets made by Cole & Mason, Zyliss and Culinaire. I also got a goody bag with a Cole & Mason Salt & Pepper Set (they are definitely the best you can buy!), a Culinare One Touch Power Grater, and a set of Seafood Picks and a Pizza Cutter (very useful for my homemade pizza!) made by Zyliss.

So I’ve got a few things to test out and I’ll let you know if they’re any good or not!


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