June 16, 2009

Seeds of Change chocolate

I’ve signed up to something called BzzAgent, which is a website where they send me samples of things to try and when I talk about it then I am creating Bzz!

The latest product they sent me to try is chocolate by Seeds of Change. I was only mildly aware of the company from seeing their sponsorship adverts to Jamie at Home on TV.

They are an organic company and they donate 1% of sales to the research and promotion of biodiversity and sustainable organic practices. I think this is great as I do think it’s important to take care of our planet and also the people that work to produce the goods.

I was given 2 flavours to try:

  • Milk Chocolate Apricot & Cashew
  • Dark Chocolate Orange & Fig

Although I prefer dark chocolate, I tried the Apricot & Cashew milk chocolate one first. My initial thoughts were that it tastes just like Cadbury’s fruit and nut! I couldn’t really tell that it had apricots in it (and not raisins) or really differentiate that it contained cashew nuts rather than a bog standard peanut. However, it is a very nice chocolate and I would definitely buy this again. The minimum amount of cocoa solids in this bar is 35% which I think it good for milk chocolate, as I find Cadbury’s to be too sweet.

The Orange & Fig dark chocolate one was a bit disappointing to be honest. As I unwrapped the bar I did get the unmistakable aroma of delicious dark chocolate, as it contains 59% cocoa solids, which is a nice amount for dark chocolate as I find the 70% bars too bitter. However, I couldn’t really taste the orange and this isn’t that surprising considering the bar only contains 0.1% orange oil! Also, I’m not a fan of figs anyway, so I didn’t like all the fig pieces and the crunchy texture that you get from the seeds. All those bits got stuck in my teeth and they made what would have been a nice bar of dark chocolate a bit annoying to eat. I would definitely buy a plain bar of dark chocolate like this from Seeds of Change if they made it! But the other flavours on offer are:

  • Dark Chocolate Hazelnut & Walnut
  • Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa

Apparently larger branches of Waitrose and Sainsbury's will stock this chocolate, but I’m not sure when it will be on sale, as I went into Waitrose yesterday and they didn’t have any. Plus I’m not sure how much it costs, but I would be willing to pay more for this brand as they are working to help the environment.


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