June 16, 2009

What’s on TV?

Last night the new series of The Supersizers started on BBC 2 and it was a hilarious episode as they revisited the food of the eighties! I’ll admit I got overly excited when they mentioned Potato Waffles (well I never said I was a foodie snob!) and Steve and I both cringed when they ate Ice Magic!

I’ve always liked Sue Perkins from when she did Light Lunch with Mel Giedroyc (yes I did have to look up the spelling of her name!) and I think she’s brilliant in this programme with Giles Coren. They bounce off each other so well and their funny bickering is like brother and sister.

Another programme I enjoyed watching recently was the Blood, Sweat and Takeaways, which was a series of 4 episodes. It followed a group of young British people who went to work in the Far East in the food industry. They had to work in food factories processing tuna and chicken, and also out in the paddy fields to grow rice and build mud walls for a prawn farm.

Of course they bitched and moaned about having to do actual hard work, which was incredibly irritating, but it was interesting to watch them change their views on things. They realised how much they (and the rest of us) take for granted, whilst the people who have to work their fingers to the bone doing disgusting, backbreaking jobs because they don’t have any other choice.

It definitely raised my awareness about where our food comes from and I highly recommend watching it whilst it’s still available on BBCi Player.


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