September 27, 2009

Grow your own Peppers 2009

  • PLANT: ‘Luteus’ Yellow Pepper
  • FEEDING: Feed frequently with high potash/tomato feed once first truss has set
This photo was taken on 22 May:Pepperplanted

I’ve been pretty chuffed that I’ve managed to grow so many things from seed, but I couldn’t resist buying this plant from Wilkinsons as it was reduced to 75p!

I tried to grow peppers last year from plants and they didn’t do very well, so hopefully this one will do better.











The photo below was taken on 1 June:

Pepper 1 June

I didn’t think the pepper had grown that much, but when I compare the photo from 22 May I can see that it has made a fair bit of progress! So I’m pleased with how it’s doing. It’s right next to the water bottle spike I’ve put in the corner of the bed next to the tomatoes, so it’s probably benefiting from the regular moisture.











The photo below was taken on 13 June:

Pepper13JuneNot much to report on the pepper really, it’s just plodding on and doing it’s own thing.

















The photo below was taken on 25 June:


Well the pepper is doing pretty good, it’s now 12 inches tall, even though I haven’t been feeding it any tomato food as I keep forgetting! But it is right next to some tomatoes so I guess it’s getting the right nutrients, because it’s also next to a squash plant which isn’t growing as big as the others.












The photo below was taken on 1 August:


The pepper plant has started to flower now and some fruits are growing too! I think these flowers are rather pretty (and I don’t normally like flowers!) so it is quite an ornamental plant.







The photo below was taken on 15 August:


The flowers have dropped off and the peppers are starting to grow and take shape. I’m hoping this plant does quite well as the last plant I bought from B&Q was useless and I think I only got 1 pepper from it!









The photo below was taken on 21 August:


Well I’m really chuffed at how well the pepper is doing – OK only 1 fruit seems to be growing, but I’m still pleased! It’s now 1.5 inches long, but if this growth rate continues then it shouldn’t be long until it turns yellow and is ready for picking!







The photo below was taken on 29 August:


Well my pepper is making really good progress and has grown to 3 inches long now. That’s a growth rate of 2 inches in a week, so fingers crossed it will keep it up! I’ve been feeding the plants in the raised bed with tomato food, which I think has helped. I’ve also got quite a few new flowers, so hopefully they will form into nice fruits!












The photos below were taken on 11 September:

Pepperpicked11SeptNone of the other fruits were growing and I thought it was because this big pepper was taking all the nutrients, but I was waiting for it to change colour. So I looked up when I should harvest in my Vegetable & Herb Expert book by Dr. D. G. Hessayon. It said you should pick them when they’re green as a mature green pepper will turn red in about 3 weeks under glass. Apparently leaving them on the plant until they turn red will not improve the flavour. But since this variety is a Yellow Pepper then I will leave it on the sunny kitchen windowsill and wait for it to turn yellow!






Pepperpicked11Sept21 I’m really chuffed at how well it’s grown, it’s a good size at 4 inches long and it looks like it’s from the supermarket! Hopefully now I’ve cut it from the plant, the other fruits will start growing more.














The photo below was taken 19 September:

The pepper that I picked last week didn’t get a chance to change colour because I’d accidentally stabbed it when I cut it off the plant with a knife (that’s a lesson learned!), so it was starting to go soft. But it was still tasty fried with some onions and beef chilli and chucked into a tortilla wrap!


Ever since I picked off that ripe fruit, loads of new flowers have grown and I’m hoping it’s not

too late for some new fruit to appear (I am not holding my breath though!).


















The photos below were taken 27 September:

Peppers27Sept09 Here is just one of the new fruits growing – there is another one that is this size further up the plant. Even though we are experiencing some unusually warm weather lately, it is probably a bit late for them to develop into fully grown peppers.












Peppers27Sept091 There is loads of new growth on the plant, with too many new flowers and fruits starting to grow, so I have chopped off the growing tips and all these flowers because I want to concentrate the energy into the two biggest fruits growing to give them a better chance of developing (I also got rid of the spider as I have a phobia – where have they all come from all of a sudden?!)


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