September 30, 2009

Tefal 4-in-1 Rice Cooking

I normally just cook Thai Jasmine rice in my Tefal 4-in-1, but Steve and I decided to start eating more brown rice for its health benefits and also a bit of a change. We’ve found cooking it in the Tefal gives an excellent result and we’re both enjoying the change as brown rice has a lot more texture and is a bit like pearl barley.


The cooking instructions for brown rice in the Tefal manual are very limited and it only gives directions to cook 4 cups of rice, which will serve 5-6 people. I only wanted to cook enough for 2 people and so it was a bit of an experiment to find out how much water to use.


The first time I tried, I put in 2 cups of washed rice and filled the bowl to the 2 cup water level. After about 20 minutes the Tefal beeped and I checked the rice. It was still very hard in the middle. So I added another cup of water and set it to cook again. I had to repeat this process another two times before the rice was fully cooked and fluffy (I lost track of how long it took to cook in total!).


So the second time I tried cooking the brown rice, I put in 2 cups of rice, filled up the bowl to the 2 cup water level and then added 3 extra cups of water. This brought the water level to 4 cup water level. So I set the Tefal to cook and it took 45 minutes to produce perfectly cooked fluffy rice.


I must mention that the brown rice I used was of the Tesco Easy Cook variety, which is apparently partially cooked already and lightly milled to give non-stick grains. Normal brown rice needs slightly different cooking in the Tefal. Asda Long Grain Brown Rice needs water up to the 3 cup level and it only took approx. 45 minutes to cook.


So to summarise for 2 cups of rice:


White Thai Jasmine rice 2 cup water level 20 minutes
Tesco Brown Easy Cook rice 4 cup water level 45 minutes
Asda Long Grain Brown rice 3 cup water level 45 minutes


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