October 3, 2009

3 in 1 Hydroponic Soil PH, Moisture & Light Meter Tester

Soil tester

Whilst I was on Ebay looking to buy new vegetable seeds to plant next year, I found this tester which is just what I need to find out if my soil is alkaline or acid and whether I am watering the soil too much.

I bought it from a business seller called eto2buy who operate from Hong Kong. I’ve bought things from Ebay sellers in HK before and they sometimes deliver items faster than sellers in the UK! But what really swayed me was the price: 99p for the item and only £1.99 for postage and packaging! This was dirt cheap compared to so many other sellers on Ebay and other online retailers.

It took 2 weeks to arrive, which isn’t bad, considering the UK is undergoing strike action by Royal Mail. Anyway, I tried the tester out and I’m happy to say that it works. It confirmed what I already knew that the soil that my blueberry plants are in is alkaline. I tried to get some ericaceous soil from B&Q but they only had massive bags, so I’ll have to try the garden centre instead.

The moisture meter is also really useful as I’m never sure if I’m overwatering or not. My tomatoes splitting is a sign that I’m letting them dry out and then giving them too much water which causes them to have a sudden growth spurt.

Even though it didn’t have any instructions in English, it’s so simple to use that instructions weren’t necessary. Just flick the switch to whichever thing you want to test and stick the long prongs into the soil, then clean after use. So I’m really pleased the meter works and that it cost me less than £3!



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