October 27, 2009

Faringdon 10 Piece Piping Bag Set

Farington Piping bag set


I decided to buy a Piping Bag Set, not only for icing cakes, but also to pipe out choux pastry for when I finally get around to making profiteroles and éclairs.


I chose the Faringdon 10 Piece Piping Set because it was reasonably cheap at only £5.87 from Amazon (it has now gone up to £5.99 plus P&P and only available from 3rd party sellers). I didn’t intend to do much fancy piping work to begin with, so I thought this would be a good basic set to get me going.


In the set you get 8 different plastic nozzles, 1 bag and 1 coupler. There is a fairly good variety of different sized and shaped nozzles, so it is easy to find one fit for your purpose:

  • 6 8-pointed star nozzles (ranging from 10-20mm)
  • 1 writing nozzle (4mm)
  • 1 plain nozzle (13mm)


Unfortunately the packaging does not give any information about the nozzles, so if you’re looking for a specific sized star-shaped nozzle then you will have to get the measuring tape out! It would have been useful if the nozzles were numbered to a referenced list on the packaging.


It is easy to put together and I found the coupler fitted very well to the nozzle so there were no leaks. The nozzles are pretty well made and the edges of the openings are cleanly cut, so the icing can flow smoothly.


The bag is smooth on the inside so your icing slides easily through, but it has a nice texture to the outside so you can get a good grip.


The nozzles were easy to clean, especially the larger ones. The bag is slightly more difficult to clean properly, especially if you are using a heavily butter based icing, as it is difficult to remove the grease. I think I will buy some disposable icing bags for those situations. I did find that cleaning the bag after using it for cream cheese frosting was much easier.


Overall I think this is a good purchase for the price I paid for it. You can also buy the nozzles without the bag, which is good if you’re adverse to the hassle of washing up! I would recommend this set for beginners or for those who don’t want to do anything too fancy like leaves or petals as the set is very basic. I have to say that the nozzles are pretty big and chunky and if I was going to do more detailed icing then I would choose a different set of nozzles.


I used the piping bag to pipe out biscuit dough for my Melting Moments Biscuits and the nozzle and coupler fell out of the bag! The bag couldn’t cope with the dough, which I don’t think was that stiff, and it stretched so much that it couldn’t hold onto the nozzle and coupler. So now it doesn’t fit so I’ve had to throw the bag away. I can still use the nozzles with disposable bags I think!

So I wouldn’t recommend buying this set now!


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