October 28, 2009

Spider web Cupcakes

Spiderweb cupcakes


With Halloween this Saturday I thought I’d play around with some icing and decorate my remaining cupcakes with some spider webs. I had normal white icing and chocolate icing, but you can use food colouring to make your icing whatever colours you want. I did a white base with a brown web and a brown base with a white web and I think I prefer the latter is it’s a bit more striking.

To make the glace icing, just put a few tablespoons of icing into a bowl and add a few drops of water and mix until you have a fairly thick icing, but runny enough so that it will fall off your spoon in a stream.

I made the piping bags to pipe the spirals out of greaseproof paper. There is a good video on the BBC Good Food website on how to do this, but you won’t need a nozzle for these spirals, just snip off a tiny bit at the end to make a hole. The triangle doesn’t have to be massive either, the longest edge only needs to be about 2 hand-spans long.

Here’s my mini piping bag:

mini piping bag

Directions (click on the photo to enlarge):
  1. Spread your main colour icing over your cupcake - using a palette knife dipped in water is the best tool.
  2. Pipe a spiral of different coloured icing on top, starting from the centre. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect!
  3. Drag a toothpick from the centre through the spiral outwards, about 8 different times. You must do this when the icing is still wet, otherwise when you drag the toothpick you will get indentations in the icing and not the feathered effect.
Spiderweb cupcakes stages


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