February 20, 2010


Well I turned the ripe old age of 29 on Wed, which is shocking for anybody new that I meet because I look so young.  I did some work experience recently and everyone asked me what I was studying (I really hope they meant at University and not College!). Anyway, I’m sure I will appreciate my youthful looks when I’m in my mid-life. I am quite pleased that I didn’t get asked for ID in the pub on Friday, which makes a change!


MM bday cake 29

Steve’s Mum made me this lovely cake. I don’t have a recipe because she did it secretly and she never makes a note of actual quantities for the decoration! It’s 2 basic sponge cakes sandwiched together with strawberry jam, then covered in buttercream icing. She bought some wires from a cake shop and then cut out shapes from fondant icing and stuck them on the wires.

MM Chris Cake

Today it’s Chris’ birthday (Steve’s brother-in-law) , so I helped Steve’s Mum make him a cake. He’s recently really got into skiing, so this is a slope made of the same sponge cake, covered in royal icing. I made the boots and hat from fondant icing (coloured red using Wilton food gel), the legs are chocolate fingers and the skis are kit kat fingers. Steve’s Mum made the trees from green fondant icing and she used small scissors to snip the icing to create the tree effect. She used chocolate fingers stuck inside for the trunk. I’ve only worked with fondant icing once before, so it was fun to make this with Steve’s Mum because she’s quite a dab hand!


Chris Bday Brownie

Tomorrow we’re having a bit of a tea party for Chris at his house, so I made brownies which everyone loves. I used melted white chocolate for the writing and I’m pretty pleased at how steady my hand was! I used my squeezy bottles fitted with a No.2 nozzle and it was really nice to write with.


For a moment I thought I’d spelled ‘Birthday’ wrong and that I’d created a Cake Wreck! It could easily have gone that way if Steve hadn’t come in the kitchen after I’d done the swirls, because I was about to add more decoration and he said that would have been over the top.


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