March 15, 2010

Work experience at Delicious Magazine Website

delicious mag


Last week I had the pleasure of working on the Delicious Magazine website. I got to upload recipes from past issues of the magazine and this involved obtaining copy from InDesign files, re-sizing images using Photoshop and then uploading recipes using their bespoke CMS (content management system). I’d already spent a couple of weeks working on the new Tesco Real Food website so I had some idea of how to use CMS, but the Delicious one was fully working and much easier to use.


I really enjoyed writing the standfirsts (line of text after the headline that gives more information about the article)for the recipes as it allowed some creativity, but I had to keep in mind to use certain key words that would be picked up in search engines. I got praised for my standfirsts so I was really chuffed!


I got to work very closely with Debra the web editor and she showed me how the website worked and introduced me to Google analytics, which I will look into using for my own blog.

It was an absolutely brilliant experience and the people were so lovely I wish I could have stayed longer! But I have been given the opportunity to attend some cookery classes in the future in return for reviewing them, so I’m really looking forward to that.


I was also given the April issue of the magazine and there are loads of great recipes that I want to try. French macaroons/macarons (the kind made with almonds and not coconut) are the new cupcakes, so I’m going to give them a go very soon as I have loads of egg whites stashed in my freezer.


When I was uploading the recipes onto the website I had to classify recipes according to whether they were low calorie, low fat etc. for the metadata:

  • low calorie = less than 400 calories
  • low fat = less than 10g
  • low carbs = less than 10g
  • low salt = less than 0.5g

It made me more aware of what is considered healthy and since Steve is on a bit of a health kick at the moment, I will be trying out all the healthy recipes from the magazine – so watch this space!


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