April 30, 2010

Our new dogs Sam and Alfie!



This is our new dog Sam that we got on Saturday. He’s a rescue dog and he’s 2 years old. Apparently he’s a pure Lhasa Apso like our last dog Fizz, but he has a completely different temperament and Steve’s Mum keeps saying he’s not a true Lhasa from the way he looks. After some research online we think he’s a Tibetan Terrier. But we don’t care what he is as he’s a brilliant dog. He loves to play, be stroked and fussed over. He’s extremely energetic and will chase balls, toys and sticks and as you can see from the photo he also likes slippers!


When we first met Sam we were all a bit shell-shocked that he let us touch him and play with him, because Fizz never let us do anything with her. So we were all very tentative and a bit scared to be honest! But we’ve quickly adapted to having him and he’s making sure we’re all getting fit by playing with him so much. But he also likes to chill out by jumping on the sofa and taking a snooze on our laps – aaaah!


We’ve given him a bath (another thing we couldn’t do to Fizz!) as he likes water and he jumped in the river before he came to us! But we’re going to get him properly washed and groomed soon, then he’ll look even better. But I think he’s perfectly cute just the way he is.


Mandy and Alfie

On Tuesday when Steve’s Mum went to pay the rescue woman some money for keeping Sam, she brought home another dog! He’s called Alfie and he’s the spitting image of Fizz. So even though we were shocked she wanted 2 dogs, we could see why she couldn’t resist. His tongue is incredibly long and is always sticking out. Although Alfie looks just like Fizz, his temperament is also the complete opposite as he’s so affectionate and always wants cuddles.


If I look tired in this photo then it’s because I am! The 2 dogs have been getting on OK (apart from some jealousy and fights over food), but Sam is so much bigger than Alfie and when they play-fight Sam is a bit too boisterous and so we have to keep an eye on them. So for the past 2 nights Steve has been sleeping downstairs with the dogs until 5am and then I get up and we swap guard duty. But we’ve been told this isn’t the right thing to do as they need to sort out their dominance problem between themselves, so tonight they’re sleeping on their own.


So blogging has taken a bit of a back-seat for a while as I’m just too tired to do much cooking or blogging about my plants. Next week I’m doing a couple of days work on the Tesco website and the week after I start a new job for 3 months! So hopefully I’ll have had a good night’s sleep before then!


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