July 4, 2010

Grow your own Blueberries 2010

This is more of an update on our two plants: the old one we’ve had since 2007 and the new one we got in 2009. You can read more about their pasts here.


17th March 2010:


17-03-new-blueberry New growth developing on the new plant.


11th april 2010:

11-04 Blueberry plants Both plants are looking quite healthy: the old one is on the left in the big pot and the new one is on the right.


5th June 2010:

05-06 old blueberryThis is our old plant and it’s practically dead. Steve’s Mum suggested I pull it up to see the condition of the roots as she thought the vine weevil might have laid its eggs in the soil. But when we pulled up the plant we could see that it hadn’t established its roots properly in the soil as it was so easy to pull up and the roots were all brown instead of white.


I haven’t had the heart to chuck it away as I still hope it will recover! But it looks like we’ll have to get a new one.


05-06 new blueberryLuckily the new plant is doing very well. It’s grown nice and tall, although I will probably prune some off the top to encourage it to bush out.


05-06 new blueberry fruitIt has even started to bear some fruit!


4 July 2010:

04-07 new blueberry Now some of the berries have started to change colour and are ready for picking!


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