July 4, 2010

Grow your own Mint 2010

Steve’s Mum bought a mint plant a couple of years ago and it’s been growing very well until recently. After the Winter it didn’t seem to grow many new leaves and any that did grow were covered in yellow spots:


mint yellow leaves

The plant was in a very wide and shallow pot, so I decided to check the roots to see if it had become pot-bound and sure enough it had. Many of the roots were surprisingly thick and I can see why it is recommended that mint is grown in a container, otherwise it will spread too much in your garden.


So I have re-potted the mint into a deeper pot and it’s loving it! There is loads of new growth and it looks much healthier, not a yellow spotty leaf in sight!


Mint regrowth

I feel quite chuffed that I managed to rescue the mint plant – it makes me feel slightly like a proper gardener!


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