February 17, 2009

Tefal 4-in-1


This is the brilliant multi-cooker I got for my birthday! It was bought from Lakeland where it costs £53.82.

It can cook rice, steam, slow cook and cook porridge, so I have been using it quite a bit to test out the different functions. So far I have used it to cook rice (absolutely perfect results!) and I have tried a few slow cooking recipes.

The recipe book that comes with the cooker hasn’t got many recipes, so I’m developing my own. The slow cooker function only has a low setting, unlike the traditional slow cookers which have low and high settings. I have successfully used the slow cooking function quite a lot to make stews and curries.

The porridge function works quite well too, but I haven’t used the steamer function yet. I hope to try things like Jam Roly Poly and Treacle Sponge soon though!

I absolutely love it!


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