October 23, 2008


I think it's great to share recipes, which is one of the main reasons I do this blog. Another reason is so I can take photos of my food and hopefully improve my photography skills.

I have a Nikon digital SLR and two lenses handed down to me from Steve (18-55mm) and my Dad (18-135mm) as they've upgraded theirs. I also sometimes use my old Sony Cybershot DSC-P150 if I want to take a quick snapshot, but it's not very good at close-ups and getting good depth of field.

It is actually quite difficult to photograph food and make it look appetizing. My biggest enemy is the lack of natural light. This is especially true when trying to photograph evening meals or during the winter months when it gets dark so early. So I hope to get a portable soft lighting studio and I've read that the Lowel Ego Light is brilliant. I'd also like to get a tripod as neither of my lenses have VR (Vibration Reduction) which helps to stabilize images so you don't get blurry pictures. But even without all this extra equipment I am still quite pleased with my efforts so far. It has made me look at the photographs in magazines with even more interest and makes me appreciate the effort the food stylists and photographers make to produce such tantalising images! Afterall, we eat with our eyes so it is making me think more about the presentation of my food.

The other problem I have with food photography is my impatience to eat the food! There are a few recipes on my blog which don't have photos because I just couldn't wait to eat my dinner! I also hate lukewarm food so whilst I'm fiddling around with the settings on my camera until I can get a decent shot, my dinner is getting cold! That's why I like baking because you have to let them cool down first! Maybe I should make more salads...


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