May 6, 2009

Fruity Snack Bars

Fruity Snack Bars


Now that Steve has started a new job I thought I’d make him some snack bars to munch on for when he gets peckish. They’re a healthier snack than chocolate as they’ve got porridge oats, fresh apple and dried apricots in them – it’s the only way I can get him to eat fruit! For some reason they tasted of coconut, which is weird but nice, even though I don’t like coconut!

You could use lots of different dried fruit or maybe add some nuts. I’m going to try spreading a layer of jam in the middle next time!
  • Makes: 10 bars
  • Oven temperature: Gas mark 4/350°F/180°C
  • You will need: 8x8 inch square tin, lined with greaseproof paper 

  • 150g (1 ¼ cups) self raising flour
  • 100g (½ cup) caster sugar
  • 180g (2 cups) porridge oats
  • 1 eating apple, cut into very small pieces
  • 75g (½ cup) dried apricots, cut into small pieces
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
  • 150g butter
  • 1 Tablespoon golden syrup 

  1. Sieve the flour into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Add the sugar, oats, apple, apricots and cinnamon into the bowl and mix.
  3. Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Once melted, add the golden syrup and mix well. Remove from the heat.
  4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ones and give it a good stir.
  5. Pour the mixture into the tin and press it down really well to make sure it binds (it’s easiest to use your hands).
  6. Bake in the upper part of the oven at Gas mark 4/350°F/180°C for approx 20 - 25 minutes (until golden brown).
  7. When you remove them from the oven, immediately cut into bars.
  8. Leave to cool on a wire rack before removing the bars from the tin.

They keep really well if kept in an airtight box.


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