August 27, 2009

Golden Syrup Sponge Cake

Golden Syrup Sponge Cake


This cake was loved by everyone and it has gone down really quickly! It was so nice when it was still warm from the oven! But even the next day it was lovely, just zapped in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Steve’s Mum said it was just as good as the Chewy Cocoa Brownie Cupcakes I make, which is high praise indeed as their one of her favourites!

It’s great to have with just a cup of tea, but Steve’s Mum had it with strawberries and cream! You could also drizzle some extra golden syrup on top and drown it in custard. Heaven!
  • Makes: 24 squares
  • Oven temperature: Gas mark 3/325°F/170°C
  • Oven shelf: upper-middle
  • You will need: a saucepan, a large mixing bowl, a 32cm x 23cm x 2cm Swiss Roll tin

  • 200g (8oz) butter
  • 200g (8oz) golden syrup
  • 300g (10oz) self-raising flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 200g (8oz) light muscovado sugar
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 2 Tablespoons milk

  1. Butter and line the base of your Swiss Roll tin.
  2. Gently melt the butter and golden syrup in a saucepan, stirring to combine. Allow to cool for 15 minutes.
  3. Preheat the oven to Gas mark 3/325°F/170°C.
  4. Sift the flour with the salt and stir in the sugar. Beat in the cooled syrup mixture.
  5. Beat in the eggs and milk, then combine with the flour mixture until smooth.
  6. Pour into the tin and level out.
  7. Bake for 40-50 minutes until it has risen and is firm in the centre – test with a skewer and it should come out clean.
  8. Leave in the tin to cool for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack.
  9. Allow to cool for another 10 minutes before cutting into 24 squares – then devour.


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