August 21, 2009

Grow your own Onions 2009

  • ONION SETS: ‘Centurion’
  • WATERING: Water if the weather is dry (not otherwise). Stop watering once the onions have swollen.
  • FEEDING: Feed occasionally
  • LOOKING AFTER THE CROP: Break off any flower stems which appear. When swollen, pull back the covering soil to expose the bulb surface to the sun.
  • HARVESTING: When the bulb is mature the foliage turns yellow and topples over. Leave them for 2 weeks and then carefully lift with a fork to a dry day. They should be dried if not used immediately.
The photos below were taken on 22 May:

Onionpreplanting7 Steve’s sister gave me some onion sets as she had some leftover. This one has started to sprout already, so it was one of three that I planted in the bed.








You need to plant them 10cm apart and with their tips showing. You can see the tip of this set at the bottom of the photo below.















The photo below was taken on 1 June:


Although we’ve had a lot of rain and sun lately, I’m still quite shocked how quickly the onions have shot up in just over a week! Steve’s sister said that some of the onions she planted rotted because they got too much rain, so I’m watching out that they don’t get too much water.

















The photo below was taken on 13 June:


The tops of the onions look like spring onions now! So I’m waiting for them to turn yellow and topple over and then I think I can remove some of the soil to expose the bulb to the sun.


















Update 25 June:

I haven’t bothered to take a photo of the onions as it’s not very interesting! The tops of the onions are just really, really long at 26 inches long and that’s all there is to say really!

The photo below was taken on 25 July:

Onion25JulyThe foliage has fallen over and the bulb has just started to poke through the soil. They’ve got a while to go yet before they’re ready though.






The photos below were taken on 21 August:


I lost the foliage on one of the onions and on the others it had fallen down weeks ago. They weren’t growing so I decided to pull them up as I thought they were a lost cause. Steve’s sister said her onions didn’t grow very well either. As she gave me the onion sets, I wasn’t upset that they didn’t grow. She said she bought them from Wilkinsons.













As you can see, only 1 onion set actually started to grow any bigger. So that’s the end of the onions!


I have now used the space that the onions were taking up for my butternut squash as the plants are trailing so much!


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