June 6, 2009

Don’t buy from de Cuisine!

I wanted an Adjust-A-Cup like Alton Brown uses, but not many places sell it in the UK. So when I found it on www.decuisine.co.uk I didn’t hesitate to order it as the website looked very professional and trustworthy. However, it turned out that it’s exactly the opposite!

They took the money from my credit card as soon as I’d placed the order, but I didn’t receive my goods. They didn’t respond to numerous emails or the complaints I wrote using their Customer Contact form on their website. I tried calling them but no one picked up the phone.

A quick search on Google and I found a website www.plebble.com which had loads of reviews from customers that had the same experience as me from shopping with de Cuisine!

I contacted my credit card company and luckily they managed to get my money back for me. It was only £11.74 that de Cuisine had taken from me, but the point is I will be more careful from now on and check websites like Plebble before making a purchase!


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