June 6, 2009

Marks & Spencers Cupcakes – worth all the fuss?

This week I’ve been helping Steve’s sister do 3 garden photoshoots and one of the styles was for kids. There was a lovely wire cake stand that we needed to fill with cupcakes, so we got the ones from M&S that they apparently can’t make fast enough due to the huge demand. We tried the Strawberry & Vanilla and the Raspberry & White Chocolate ones.


M&S cupcakeThey definitely look impressive with all the icing and the sparkly glitter, but do they taste any good? Well we all thought the sponge was nice, but I think Steve’s Mum makes a nicer sponge cake! The icing was far too thick, but that’s how they make them look so good. The jam in the middle of the cakes is a nice twist, but when eaten with all that icing it’s just too much and quite sickly. The photographer who tried a Raspberry & White Chocolate one also didn’t actually get any white chocolate in his one!


They’re £2.99 for a box of 4, which we think is far too expensive for what they are! I think I’m going to buy some edible glitter and have a go at making my own!




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